Clarkson Chief looks to save a life

Grayson County News Gazette | Matt Lasley

Clarkson Chief of Police Billy “Buck” Meredith looks to save the life of his uncle by donating a portion of his liver next month.

Buck Meredith’s uncle, Bruce, was diagnosed with liver disease about a year and a half ago by the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.

Bruce Meredith said he first began getting sick about three years ago, but doctors were unable to diagnose his condition until he went to the Mayo Clinic.

After learning of his uncle’s condition, Buck Meredith spoke with his wife, Carla, and with her blessing, as well as that of the rest of his family, he decided to undergo three days of testing last November to determine if he were a match for a liver transplant, which, he learned a week later, he is.

“He’s really saved my life because I was in a situation where my lungs and my heart were in bad shape [as a result of the liver disease],” Bruce Meredith said. “To me, it’s just a miracle. I feel like God had answered a lot of my prayers.” Continue reading