Giving the gift of life: ‘It’s like the start of a new life for all of the family’

Lancaster Evening Post

ROAD TO RECOVERY: Jack at home after his double lung transplant; and inset in hospital.

The Lancashire Evening Post has today launched its “Lancashire: Giving the gift of life” campaign to urge more people to become organ donors.Today, Aasma Day talks to the family of nine-year-old Jack Johnstone who has been given extra years of life after undergoing a double lung transplant

Learning to ride a bike is one of the simple pleasures that Jack Johnstone is looking forward to finally enjoying.

It might be something most children take for granted but it has eluded Jack so far as he has battled with cystic fibrosis all his life until he reached the point where a double lung transplant was his only hope for survival.

Jack, nine, who lives with his family in Hoghton, near Preston, underwent the transplant just weeks ago after suitable new lungs were found thanks to a donor and he has now returned home to begin his new life.

Mum Tina, 41, who is married to Kevin and also has daughter Isobelle, eight, says things had reached the point where they were told they would have faced their last Christmas with Jack had it not been for the transplant. Continue reading