Grieving father makes a life-giving choice

The Columbus Dispatch

Showing that something good can come out of even a heart-rending loss, a Dayton-area father has saved the lives of two boys by donating the organs of his murdered 2-year-old daughter. Thanks to Scott Senft, Kinsley Kinner's lungs and liver now are giving two boys — whose names haven’t been disclosed, for privacy reasons — a second chance at a healthy life.

Kinsley’s mother and her mother's boyfriend have been indicted in Butler County in connection with the child’s death, which allegedly was caused by physical abuse by the boyfriend, Bradley Young. She died Dec. 3, a day after being found unresponsive by emergency responders.

Senft on his own made a wrenching decision to donate the girl's organs while still trying to cope with the devastating loss. It’s a decision Kinsley’s grandmother, Heidi Morgan of Dayton, says she is proud of. Continue reading