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Donate Life North Carolina | Beth Waller
Six weeks ago I donated my left kidney to a high school friend. The excitement we felt to be approved for donation and the nerves we both experienced the day of surgery are now a not-so-distant memory. So far, the kidney is working like a champ for him and, beyond a little lingering nausea, I am healing. Six weeks out the focus is now centered on getting back to "normal". Getting back to "normal" was my biggest worry when considering donation. I wasn't worried about the surgery itself, the doctors and hospital was more than qualified. I wasn't worried about the future "what-ifs". What if______ (I get cancer later, my kids need it later, my kidneys fail later)? All valid concerns but I can't control what MIGHT happen in the future. Right now a wife needs her husband and 2 children need their father. The question I now get most from people after they find out I'm a donor, and let's be honest it’s the biggest question I had prior to donation- how has it affected my life? People want to know if I am able to go to work, to play with my kids, to go on vacation and even if I can go all day without a nap. The short answer is yes!   Continue reading
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