Medical Association to Test Incentive Scheme for Donors

NH Voice | Emma Tiller

According to the figures released by the United Network for Organ Sharing, approximately 101,000 people are awaiting organ transplant. Every day, 12 people die because they are unable to receive a donor. Stagnancy in donation levels, inclusive of both living and deceased donors, is a primary reason for that.

This figure is indicative of the failure of the existing organ transplant policy. As per the law, humanity is the only motive behind the legal organ donation in the country. It is believed that stronger reasons need to be generated to create motivation among healthy young and middle-age people to donate organs. This is because, comparatively a very few number of deceased people have organs, which are in a condition to be transplanted.

A new reimbursement model has been proposed. Under this model, instead of lump sum cash, donors will be given rewards in kind by a governmental entity or a designated charity. The rewards will include retirement fund contribution, income tax credit, tuition voucher, charity contribution, loan absolution and lifetime health insurance. Continue reading