Nebraska Organ Recovery Announces Record Year

Sandhill Express

2015 was another in a series of record-breaking years for Nebraska Organ Recovery, the federally designated Organ Procurement Organization for the state of Nebraska as well as Pottawattamie, County in Iowa. Kyle Herber, President and CEO stated that in 2015, there were a record total of 78 organ donors with 265 organs recovered and transplanted. In comparison, as early as a few years ago we averaged around 40 donors per year with 120 organs transplanted.

The Donor Registry of Nebraska also experienced record growth, nearing 800,000 Nebraskans registered as organ donors on either their Driver’s License or online registry at It was only 2 years ago that Nebraska was surpassing the 700,000 mark, and now we are nearing 800,000. Herber says this growth is a testament to the kindness and caring nature of Nebraskans everywhere across the state. Continue reading