Nonprofit provides support to young organ-transplant patients

The Columbus Dispatch | Allison Ward

BARBARA J. PERENIC | DISPATCH Edward Drake, founder of Youth Needing Organ and Tissue Transplants (YNOTT?)

As an elementary-school student, Lino Vallejo had a restricted diet.

He couldn’t eat too many fruits high in potassium or too much dairy, and his fluid intake had to be monitored closely.

He took handfuls of pills in the morning and evening.

And every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 3 1/2 years, he received dialysis to filter harmful waste from his body because his kidneys couldn’t do it for him.

He struggled to maintain the regimen and a positive attitude until he met Edward Drake and Tifiro Cook of Youth Needing Organ and Tissue Transplants, commonly called YNOTT?

“They told me how important I was and all the potential they saw,” Vallejo said. “They helped me keep my diet, watch my fluids. I almost passed away, but, with their help, I was able to get through the pain and last longer than I was supposed to.”

Long enough to undergo a kidney transplant at Nationwide Children’s Hospital just before his 12th birthday. Continue reading