On this day in 1968, Doctors Norman Shumway and Randall B. Griepp, MD, performed the first heart transplant in the U.S.

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Thump, thump.

On this day in 1968, Doctors Norman Shumway and Randall B. Griepp, MD ’67, of the Stanford University School of Medicine, performed the first successful human heart transplant in the U.S.



CConstance F. Berkley said…
Praise god for these two doctors. Some years later my son, Robert W. Davis was transported from San Jose to the Stanford hospital due to a Sudden Death attack on his heart. He was diagnosed with a severe case of Cardiomyopathy, which is severe enlargement of the heart. I say Praise god for Stanford because Robert had been suffering attacks for some years with constant hospitalization with no diagnosis of Cardiomyopathy. It was at Stanford we received the news of Robert needing a heart transplant. This news was very heart breaking to our family. Robert suffered for some years waiting for a compatible donor. In 1994 he received a donor heart, but having o wait so long for a transplant his other organs started to fail. he lived only two months after transplant. I am a sincere and devout ambassador for One Legacy/Donate Life due to this experience with my son. It is very important that we continue to advocate for donor awareness. Ambassador Constance F. Berkley...1/12/16