One year later, New Orleans PD officer with heart transplant shares good news

WWL TV | Meg Farris

NEW ORLEANS - A year ago, a selfless gift from a family in mourning, saved the life of an NOPD officer.

Now that officer is sharing his journey a year later, after spending a long time in the hospital around Christmastime 2014. On Monday, 53-year-old Keenen Shields will celebrate what he calls his 21st birthday.

"It's extremely exciting. It's still surreal. Everyday I look at my scars, which are beautiful scars. It reminds me of what God has actually created in me and it's a miracle," said Shields.

On January 25, 2015, the family that gave a 20-year-old man's heart to Keenen, saved his life. Four heart attacks in the years after Hurricane Katrina were the result of years of smoking, alcohol and his stressful work as an NOPD detective. Now he and his wife, a nurse, live to educate others about preventing heart disease, signing an organ donor card and helping other transplant recipients. The goal is to help them financially, emotionally and spiritually through their foundation called Shield His Heart. Continue reading