She Adopts A Boy That Nobody Wants. 27 Years Later He Does THIS Behind Her Back.


Ingeborg McIntosh’s adoption of her son didn’t come easily.

Jordan was a newborn when he was placed in foster care and Ingeborg struggled for four years to convince his birth mother, who had her heart set on placing the boy in a Black family, to let her adopt him.

But from the very first time Ingeborg and Jordan met it was clear that two shared a special bond. And when no one else showed any interest in the child, Ingeborg was finally allowed to adopt him.

“They placed him in my arms and it was love at first sight,” she says.

But 20 years later, everything takes a dramatic turn…

The McIntosh family had cared for 125 foster kids over the years, but no one stole their heart like Jordan.

Jordan was raised in Ingeborg’s home, but his biological mother didn’t want the family to adopt him. She preferred that her child be adopted by Black parents.

But it was impossible to find a home for Jordan, so when the boy was 4, he was adopted by Ingeborg.

“He was a part of the family, no matter what.” Continue reading