Sunday, January 10, 2016

Stratham woman started Pets for Vets; now she needs a kidney donation

New Hampshire Sunday News | Shawne Wickham

Ann Clark of Stratham is on the list for a kidney transplant at a Boston hospital. - See more at:

Waiting for a life-saving organ transplant can be a lonely experience.

But Jo-Ann Clark, a Stratham woman who is on the list for a kidney transplant at a Boston hospital, is far from alone.

She's heard from dozens of strangers, many of them veterans, offering to be tested to see if they might be her match.

“We've had people from really all over the country,” she said. “A lot of people have responded, wondering if there's any way they can help.”

If Clark's story struck a chord, it's likely because her family has already made the ultimate sacrifice.

Last year, Clark started Chris' Pets for Vets to honor her son, Army veteran Chris Journeau, who succumbed to PTSD and took his life after returning from Iraq in 2010. He was 23 years old. Continue reading


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