Texas passes new law for organ donors


LAREDO, TEXAS (KGNS) - More than 100,000 individuals are waiting for organs in the U.S. But a series of state laws, including one new one is making it easier for Texans to support organ donation.

According to TexasOrganSharingAlliance.org, out of those hundreds of thousands of people waiting for organs in the U.S. it's estimated over 11,000 are living in Texas.

With this new law in place we could continue to see an upward trend of Texans supporting organ donation and giving more of what some call "The gift of life"

"This bill, will allow persons to support the state's organ donor registry by making donations of more than $1 when they register their vehicle or get their driver's license processed. Because before, only a $1 donation was possible. Now they can donate as much as they want", said Senator Judith Zaffarini.

But Zaffarini says this provides more than just monetary gain. It increase the reach of the program. Continue reading