The family with just FOUR working kidneys between them: Sister donates organ to her brother

Daily Mail | Madlen Davies

Joanne Boylan, 44, donated a kidney to her ailing brother Rick Flemming, 40 (top and bottom right) 13 years after their father David Flemming, 70, donated an organ to his wife, Margaret, 69 (top and bottom left)

They say families stick together through thick and thin.

And this is certainly true for the Flemmings, of Lancashire, who have been through more than most.

More than ten years after Rick Flemming's father David donated a kidney to his wife Margaret his own sister went under the knife to give him an organ.

Joanne Boylan, née Flemming, 44, gave her brother a kidney for this 40th birthday, after his own organ failed, leaving him requiring dialysis four times a day.

While seeing both siblings go under the knife was stressful for their parents, the operation was a success and saved Rick's life.

Mrs Boylan's selfless move felt like 'history repeating itself' as it came more than a decade after the siblings' father donated his own kidney to their mother when her own failed. Continue reading