Warrior Lincoln: 6-month-old Anchorage boy needs a new heart

KTVA | Sierra Stark

ANCHORAGE – A day in the life of 6-month-old Lincoln Seay is far from that of a typical infant. Lincoln’s mornings begin with a bedside report at Seattle Children’s Hospital and morning medication, followed by a number of breathing treatments and more medication throughout the day.

Lincoln’s parents, Rob and Mindy Seay, admit they are days filled with a number of stresses for the family, but they say the hours spent in the hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU) are often interrupted by little spurts of joyful moments.

“When he’s awake, I mean, you would not even know that he had any issues at all,” said Rob, of his son. “He smiles — he’s like the darling of the unit.”

Since November, Lincoln has been on a waiting list for a heart transplant after the infant went into heart failure in Anchorage, where the family calls home.

“They medevaced us up to Seattle,” said Mindy. “A bunch of specialists saw him, and they decided that his heart was not reparable.” Continue reading