We Have A Heart For You': Transplant Recipient Receives Live-Saving Christmas Gift

WBNS 10TV | Kristyn Hartman

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and sometimes it sends a hurricane your way.

That was the case with Dan Leite. A change in his health turned his life upside down.

He knew he couldn’t get it back to “right side up” without someone else’s courage to give – even in grief.

Dan is no stranger to exercise and fitness. He ran 154 marathons. He was also a tri-athlete used to crossing many finish lines.

So imagine his surprise when he found himself in the race of his life. And for this one, someone else’s heart would have to get him over the finish line.

Cardiomyopathy put him on the transplant list in October.

“He was the sickest of the sick,” Dr. Ayesha Hasaan said.

“Four years ago I never thought it would be me,” Dan said. “I felt like one of the healthiest people on the planet and it turned out to be me.” Continue reading