'Do you need a kidney?' Man offers co-worker gift of life in email

KOMO | Molly Shen

AUBURN -- It's a life or death wait when someone needs an organ transplant. After years of untreated hypertension, Steve Han went into kidney failure. It turned out his lifesaver was nearby.

Steve has known Marc Eriksen for 15 years, first meeting in their training class for the Social Security Administration, then settling on different floors of their office building. A few years ago, Steve transferred to San Diego and fell ill.

"I was not able to walk anymore. Anytime I tried to walk a few steps, it made me short of breath," Steve described.

He called 911 and found out his kidney was failing. He went on dialysis and a 10 year waiting list for a transplant. The wait is a bit shorter in Washington, so he moved back, but the men didn't reconnect.

Marc was on his own health journey, launching the process to donate a kidney. Continue reading