After his death, Raymond Craig saved Keilah Hansford's life

The Daily News | By Lauren Kronebusch

Steve Craig reaches out to comfort his wife, Patty, as she listens to Hansford’s chest — where she can hear her son’s beating heart — last week in Hansford’s West Longview home.

After 20-year-old Raymond Craig died on Oct. 18, just hours after a horrible car accident in Pierce County, he became one of the most successful organ donors his transplant team had seen.

Raymond donated his heart, both lungs and kidneys, his liver and his pancreas. In total, he saved the lives of six people, including a child.

Among them was Keilah Hansford, a 28-year-old Longview mother of three. On a rainy Saturday afternoon, Raymond’s parents, Steve and Patty Craig, met Hansford for the first time at her parents’ West Longview home.

They put a stethoscope to Hansford’s chest and from behind a blush pink, 10-inch scar, they once again heard the gentle thump-thump of their son’s heart.

For a silent few seconds, Patty kept the stethoscope to Hansford’s chest, quietly choking back her tears. Then she handed the instrument to Steve, who listened, silent only until he also began to cry. Continue reading