Delaware Heart Transplant Recipient Grateful for Second Chance at Life

Gift of Life Donor Program

Newark, DE resident, Sonya Barkley, had what most people would consider a healthy, happy life. As a young person she was active, and played baseball, softball and volleyball. She had never been sick in her life, and didn’t know how devastating illness could be until she was in her 30s.

On a summer day after work, Sonya came home and thought she wasn’t feeling well because of the hot, humid weather. She began to feel dizzy walking to her house and braced herself on a tree, trying to rest until the dizziness subsided. She passed out and only remembers coming to with her mother standing over her trying to revive her. Sonya’s ankle hurt and she was disoriented. She was admitted to the hospital, and learned that the pain in her ankle was a serious break that happened when she lost consciousness and fell. Continue reading