Donate organs to save lives

Myrtle Beach online | Letter to the Editor

My daughter is a medical student at the Medical University of South Carolina and recently she had the opportunity to participate in a heart transplant surgery. As she shared her excitement and amazement of the surgery, I found myself also excited for the recipient of the new heart and a new chance to live out his life. It is truly a miracle of God for him.

I also grieved with the family of the donor, knowing that they had tragically lost a child.

February is National Heart Month, so I thought it would be a timely reminder to all of us of how valuable organ donation can be. Not only did the recipient get a second chance to live, but I would hope that it would be some consolation to a mourning family to know that their loved one gave someone else the precious gift of life.

Please be an organ donor - give the gift of life. I want to be a miracle for someone else, do you?

Christi Sloan, Myrtle Beach