Father’s transplant is gift of life for son

Derry Journal | Sheena Jackson

A Limavady man who received a kidney transplant from his father has spoken out to encourage others to think about organ donation and talk about it with their loved ones.

Sean McKeever from Limavady was devastated when he found out last May that he needed a transplant.

Sean, now aged 29, says once his family heard the news they were tested immediately to see if any of them were a match.

Both Sean’s father, Gerard, and his sister Patricia were good matches, but the hospital decided Gerard would be the suitable donor.

“I was over the moon, finally to know I would be getting a transplant,” says Sean. “It was a brilliant feeling.”

Up until the transplant at Belfast City Hospital in November, Sean was getting dialysis four times a week, for three hours each time. While the staff in Altnagelvin’s Renal Unit were fantastic, the effects of the treatment were gruelling. Continue reading



Anonymous said…
Love stories like these. God Bless you. I'm a 2 time kidney transplant patient currently on the list for my 3rd. My second was weakend by a virus I contacted which with a weakend immune system from immune suppressent meds that you have to take. I'm newly married and would love for the health and stamina to be able to go on a honeymoon especially a tropical honeymoon. So hard and tiring to go swimming or even feel young and vibrant when on dialysis. It drains you. I lost this one through no fault of my own just a victim of circumstances. Everyone I know who wants to has tried to be a donor but do to some reason or another they weren't a fit. Donation is really important to me and my family so if you are healthy enough to donate and can please be a kidney do donor. For me for more about me go to Emory University Hospital website and see about being a donor for Rachel Grant.