Following tragedy, ‘amazing’ choice will bring hope, says organ donor recipients

Medicine Hat News | CHARLES LEFEBVRE

Rick Padfield, who received a kidney transplant in Feb. 2015, says he was amazed by the decision of the families of Megan Kondor and Tanya Campbell-Losier to donate their organs following the two womens unexpected deaths. --NEWS PHOTO CHARLES LEFEBVRE

A pair of organ donation recipients in Medicine Hat are praising the decision of the families of two women who died unexpectedly last week to donate their organs for those in need.

“I thought it was amazing, when I saw that,” said Lisa Price, who received a kidney transplant from her brother in July 2012. “I just thought it was amazing for the family to do that.”

Tanya Campbell-Losier of Brooks died Feb. 21, with Jesse Dyck, 26, charged with manslaughter in connection with her death.

Megan Kondor of Vauxhall died on Wednesday following a motor vehicle collision near Hays on Feb. 22. In both cases, the women’s organs will be donated to assist those in need. Continue reading