Indiana Woman’s Loss Leads To New Life For Best Friend In Rare Organ Transplant

CBS CHICAGO | Lisa Fielding

Basham says she carries a picture of Nikki on her phone to remind her of who gave her a second chance at life. (Credit: Lisa Fielding)

CBS) — Vicki Olds of Crown Point, Indiana and Tanisha Basham, of University Park, grew up together.

“We’ve been friends for 35 years,” Olds said.

But now the two women share more than just friendship. After Olds lost her 18-year-old daughter Nikki last summer in a drowning accident, she decided to give the ultimate gift to her friend.

“It was the worst day of my life but when Gift of Hope came to me and ask me if I knew anybody, would I be willing to donate her organs, and if I knew anybody directly, Tanisha was my first thought,” Olds said. “I knew her situation, so why not donate?” Continue reading