Jay teen receives long-awaited lung transplant

Press Republican | Ben Rowe

JAY — It was the call they had been waiting for, and they had no cellphone signal.

As Gabby Lincoln and her parents traveled through Star Lake on the morning of Jan. 9, a patch of service allowed a voicemail message to appear on her dad's cellphone.

Her mom, Anna, listened to the message — it was from Dr. Debra Boyer, Gabby’s doctor at Boston Children's Hospital.

“She said, ‘I need Gabby to call me back immediately,’” Anna said.

The Jay family knew there was only one reason Dr. Boyer would be calling: A set of donor lungs had been found for Gabby.

Anna and her husband, Willie, had been taking their daughter to an appointment in Cleveland when the call came in and sent them on a search for a landline phone. Continue reading