Lakeland Woman Celebrating the Gift of Life This Valentine’s Day

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This Valentine’s Day, a day symbolic of hearts, Marnita Johnson is giving thanks for, literally, a new heart, received just over 7 months ago thanks to the generosity of an organ donor. After a viral infection left her heart weakened in 2008, Marnita sought help from local medical professionals to fix her condition. Despite her doctors’ best efforts, including implanting a defibrillator in 2010 to regulate her heart beat, Marnita found herself in heart failure by January 2015 and was referred to Tampa General Hospital to be evaluated for a heart transplant. According to Marnita, “I was in denial and didn’t want to believe the severity of my condition. After considering all the factors I got a second opinion in hopes the doctors were wrong. However, the 2nd opinion only confirmed what I’d already been told and that transplantation was my only option for survival.” In August 2015, Marnita was placed on the national organ transplant waiting list and within 48 hours, received “the call” that a new heart was available. Continue reading