Newlyweds face heart transplant before 1st anniversary

Staten Island | Kathryn Carse

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Young newlyweds Michael Greene and Susan Emanuele Greene are faced with a financial and health challenge that couples might expect in their later years if at all.

Before their first anniversary, Michael, 29, was told he needed a heart transplant. That was August of 2015. A couple of months later, a kidney was added to the list.

It isn't a total surprise. Diagnosed with cardiomyopathy — an enlargement of the heart — Michael had a heart transplant at 8 years old and always knew he would need another. He has needed multiple stents to keep arteries clear.

The kidney transplant is also his second. He needed one when he was 23. Basically, the anti-rejection drugs that help to keep the body from turning against the new organ are hard on the kidneys and can cause permanent damages. Continue reading