Organ donation: Ashni's legacy lives on through us

Reveal UK | Paisley Gilmore

Most recipients of organ transplants never learn about the person who saved their life, but Gemma Sturge felt compelled to thank the parents of her "guardian angel"

Paresh, Gemma, Kalpna and their "angel", Ashni

For years, she was in and out of hospital, until at 18, Gemma was told she had one hope of survival – a transplant.

Finally, in December 2010, aged 26, with her kidney function at just 10 per cent, she was booked in to have an operation, meaning she'd be able to start dialysis.

With such a rare blood type, doctors warned it could take five years to find a donor – a wait Gemma might not survive.

"I've always wanted to be a mum, and from the moment I married Gary, in 2009, we'd been planning a family," says Gemma, now 31.

"Because of the renal failure, my consultant warned that my fertility would be low. Even if I did fall pregnant, it would be dangerous, as I could suffer several miscarriages.

"I felt as though my future was ripped away, and hated the thought of dying having never become a mum." Continue reading