Organ Donation Gives Friends Unbreakable Bond: Mother Donates Late Daughter’s Heart To Longtime Friend

Medical Daily | Dana Dovey

Vicki Olds and Tanisha Basham have a truly rare bond. Screenshot/ ABC 7

In a rare case of a directed heart organ transplant, Vicki Olds made a selfless choice shortly after losing her own daughter by donating the 18-year-old’s heart to a friend who had been living with congestive heart failure.

When Olds' daughter Domonique “Nikki” Smith unexpectedly drowned, the mother was overwhelmed with grief. While no parent wants to hear the phrase “organ donation” after learning of their child’s death, Olds knew that there was no greater way to honor Nikki’s legacy than by giving the gift of life to others. She immediately contacted her long-time friend Tanisha Basham with a unique offer: her daughter’s heart, ABC News reported.

Basham had severe congestive heart failure, and although she was implanted with a heart pump, she still needed an organ transplant. At first, Basham turned down the offer, but eventually Olds convinced her friend to take the heart, ABC News reported. Continue reading