Scott Hetsko's ready to return to work!

Rochester First | Maureen McGuire

7 months after his last weathercast on News 8, and 4 months after his heart transplant, Scott Hetsko is ready to return to work. He's grateful, and so are the doctors who helped save his life.

In the days before the Superbowl, Hetsko and Dr. Leway Chen share a joke about football. "Im a Seahawks fan," says Dr. Chen. "I wouldn't have had you treat me if I knew that!" Scott says. "I think (Scott's) going to be better and stronger than ever," says Dr. Chen. "So check with your newsroom that they can handle all that."

This is a friendship forged between a once dying man, and the doctor who helped save his life. "Scott's doing very well," says Dr. Chen. "We've been very impressed with his recovery from surgery and also, with his progress in getting stronger. He's doing better than usual for several reasons. One he kept himself in shape leading up to the surgery and he also has a force of will to get stronger, get healthier. That's helped him to recover faster." Continue reading