Teen recounts experience of fighting for his life

Newsworks | The Pulse | Diego Luke

My name is Diego Luke, and I am a 17-year-old high school junior in St. Paul, Minnesota. Growing up, I never missed a day of school for being sick. I loved to play hockey and soccer, and was very active.

That all changed on my 12th birthday. We were celebrating at a friend's house. I told my parents I wanted to leave early because I had an ear-splitting headache. After waiting for a couple hours to see if it would go away, we went to the emergency room. When the nurses took my vital signs, everything was normal, except my blood pressure, which was near 200/120.

They couldn't believe it. Different nurses took it over and over, using different machines, manual and electronic.

Around midnight, the headache was gone. We'd been in a room for three hours and were beyond ready to get out of there. Then, the attending doctor talked to us. He said that I would need to be hospitalized until they figured out what was causing my abnormal blood pressure. Continue reading