This Valentine's Day, Why Not Discuss Organ Donation?

FAST CO. CREATE | Meg Carter

LOVE is . . . joining the U.K.’s National Health Service Organ Donor Register, according to a new advertising campaign created to get people talking about organ donation this Valentine’s Day.

Through a series of online films, the "Better Left Unsaid" campaign created by London-based brand storytelling agency Aesop features a montage of inappropriate topics discussed by couples on romantic dinner dates—from fancying the waitress to underwear chafing (and even worse).

For many people, raising the subject of organ donations is not an easy thing to do. So Valentine’s Day—a time spent with your loved one—is as good a time as any," says Stephen Lynch, creative director at the agency, which made the films for NHS Blood and Transplant.

Boosting sign up to the donor register is a challenging brief given the low rate of organ donation in the U.K., which has one of the lowest organ donation consent rates in Europe. Continue reading