What gift is as blessed to give as to receive? The gift of organ donation

Hudson Hub-Times | Tim Troglen

Three days before my recent birthday, I did something I had never done before -- I officially became an organ donor.

As I renewed my driver's license, I could not wait for the man to ask me the question, "Do you want to become an organ donor?"

"Yes," I answered, maybe a little too enthusiastically, judging by the look on his face.

I didn't mean to startle the man, but I was excited.

This was a first for me.This was a first for me.

You may wonder why I waited so long. I'm not really sure.

Maybe it was the fear of facing my own death, or maybe the belief in an old wives' tales that some overzealous doctor might slice out an organ if I was ever on life support, even though I was still alive.

However, the reason I didn't no longer matters. I want to concentrate on my reasons for doing it. Continue reading