3,000 people ‘living extended lives’ due to organ donation

UTV Ireland | Anita McSorely
More than 3,000 people are “living extended lives” after getting life-saving transplant operations, the Irish Kidney Association have revealed.
Launching Organ Donor Awareness Week, they said that last year a total of 266 heart, lung, liver, kidney and pancreas transplants took place – with the majority of organs (233) coming from deceased donors.
In total last year, St Vincent’s Hospital conducted 61 liver transplants; the Mater Hospital conducted 36 lung transplants as well as 16 heart transplants; and Beaumont Hospital carried out 153 kidney transplants including 33 from living donors.
Despite this record amount, there are approximately 550 people awaiting live-saving transplants.
The Irish Kidney Association say the demand for kidney transplants in particular is spiraling, predicting that the 2,000 people currently on dialysis will increase to 3,000 in just 10 years’ time, at a cost of €50 million.
They say there is an “urgent need” for a second Kidney transplanting hospital, as Beaumont is “unable to do this alone.” Continue reading