Couple finds local donor through social media

Traverse City Record Eagle | Allison Batdorff

TRAVERSE CITY — Rob Farnsworth picks his way through the waiting room. Everyone is all smiles.

"Last time, Rob?"

"Hey, good luck next week."

"See ya, short-timer."

The handshakes are careful, the back slaps light. It's a kidney dialysis center, the one where Rob spends — until today — 15-20 hours a week. His routine since being diagnosed with stage 4 renal failure in May 2014: leave the house in Interlochen at 6:30 a.m. Work in Traverse City until 4 p.m. Dialysis, then back home around 9 p.m.

Rob, 51, is gregarious and upbeat. He has friends at Munson Dialysis Center — one guy, who also worked in heating and cooling like him, had them rearranging the chairs and tubes so they could while away the 3 or 4 hour blood-scrubbing process talking, instead of watching television. Continue reading