Easton police officer gets gift of life from co-worker

WBAL | Kerry Cavanaugh

Photo: Salisbury News

EASTON, Md. - March is National Kidney Awareness Month and Thursday is World Kidney Day.

The occasion represents the perfect time for an Easton police officer to find out he is finally receiving a kidney transplant.

The donor who turned out to be a perfect match for the officer happens to be someone he has worked with for 15 years.

Officer Lenox Trams is mapping out his schedule with Jill Garvey, a task the Easton Police Department co-workers have done for 15 years. The task has not changed ever as kidney failure forced Trams to curtail his duties five months ago.

"That's when it really hit me," Trams said. "I thought, 'Emergency dialysis?' But I feel fine."

Trams got on the waiting list for a cadaver kidney back in 2013, which is typically a three- to five-year process, according to the National Kidney Registry.

Trams learned that his prognosis would be better if he received a transplant from a living donor, and he started raising awareness about testing living donors. Continue reading