Grandmom celebrates double lung transplant with 'Nae Nae'

My News 13 | Amanda McKenzie

Pulmonary fibrosis patient Debra Morgan, who loves dancing, danced the 'nae nae' to celebrate her recovery from a Jan. 30 double lung transplant. (Screen grab from Florida Hospital courtesy video)

A double lung transplant patient in Central Florida is getting a second chance at life.

Debra Morgan and her doctors are celebrating each new breath she can take with her new lungs.

Morgan suffered from pulmonary fibrosis and was dependent on an oxygen tank. She underwent a double lung transplant at Florida Hospital on Jan. 30.

On Friday, she was cleared to go home with her family. She said she will be forever grateful to the organ donor.

“I want to thank them so much and to let them know I’m going to do really good with this," Morgan said. "Me and my lungs have a greater calling. We don’t know what it is yet. We want to do some good.”

One thing she can check off her bucket list: dancing the "Nae Nae."

She said she can now enjoy her grandchildren without fear of running out of breath. She said she wouldn’t be here without her medical team and their dance moves. Continue reading