Local mom back home and healing after heart transplant

The Canton Citzen | Mike Berger

Erica Shea with her husband, Dave, and their son, Ryder

People often take for granted the simple things in life — seeing one’s spouse and children every day, making dinner, and routine tasks such as walking up a flight of stairs.

But after enduring a string of life-threatening medical complications and a two-year wait for a new heart, Erica Shea is finally on the road to recovery and is cherishing every moment of her “new normal” life.

A former Canton resident and 2003 CHS graduate, Erica had successful transplant surgery on January 18, and she recently returned to her Brockton home with her husband, Dave, and their young son, Ryder.

Erica wants to publicly thank all of the people in Canton and beyond who graciously donated over $10,500 through a GoFundMe campaign. And the donations didn’t stop there. People brought food to her family while she was in the hospital and donated Christmas gifts for Ryder and even shelving for their home. Continue reading