Lucia Robeson: Thank you, organ donors: My kidney transplant story

The Fresno Bee | Lucia Robeson

You need to be seen at UCSF as soon as possible for tissue typing and testing, in order to be placed on the kidney transplant list.”

How could this happen? Sure, I knew I had less than optimal kidney function before the pregnancy. I’d checked with my nephrologist first and had been assured that my function should return to my “normal” once the baby was born.

But that wasn’t what happened. The exhaustion I had experienced during and after the pregnancy was unrelenting, even though my son was a healthy baby and slept through the night early on. I had taken2 1/2 months off (using all my sick leave and vacation), and returned to the bank in late September.

Now it was November, and my whole life had been turned upside down. Questions filled my mind:

“Will I need to go on dialysis?”

“How long will I have to remain on the list before a kidney becomes available, if it ever does." Continue reading

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