San Ramon: Video series highlights impact of organ donation

Danville San Ramon | Meredith Bauer

Matthew Ouimet, 5, poses during a celebration of his successful organ transplant at a Donor Network West staff meeting in Pleasanton last week. Matthew received a kidney and liver in 2013 from 22-year-old Brandon Burnett, shown on a pin on Matthew's shirt. (Photo courtesy Donor Network West)

Donor Network West introduced a new video series focusing on organ-donation stories last week in Pleasanton -- two weeks after announcing a new partnership with San Ramon Regional Medical Center.

The organ procurement nonprofit launched its Dear Donor video series, which tells the story of an organ transplant from the perspective of the donor and the recipient. San Ramon-based Donor Network West unveiled its new video program during a presentation at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Pleasanton on March 2.

In its first video, the family of a young child who received new organs thanked the 22-year-old donor's family for the gift of life.

Matthew Ouimet, of Antioch, was just a toddler when his kidneys began failing due to a rare genetic disease, primary hyperoxaluria. He received a kidney and liver organ transplant in 2013 after Brandon Burnett died following a car crash. Now 5, Matthew enjoys playing in the backyard and running around like any other little kid, his mom Kristi Ouimet said in an interview.

The video detailed how the two families met and bonded, and how Burnett's mom Maggie Kolb feels grateful in a bittersweet way that they're able to see his impact on Matthew. Continue reading