'A stranger donating their heart meant my wife could live for long enough to give birth to our baby'

Mirror UK | Robin Eveleigh

Gift of life: Michael Biggs with his three month old daughter Aria

Leah Biggs died aged just 27 and only 19 days after giving birth to her daughter, Aria, but brave husband Mike is determined she will leave a loving legacy

Romantic verses where loved ones promise to give away their hearts now seem marked with a special poignancy for Michael Biggs.

And that’s because a brave stranger who donated their heart gifted him precious extra time with his wife Leah and the baby they thought they could never have.

Tragically, his tiny daughter Aria is growing up without her mummy after Leah fell ill during her pregnancy .

She passed away in November last year, aged only 27, just 19 days after giving birth.

Each time Mike goes to hold his three-month-old daughter, he feels overwhelming gratitude to the donor for enabling Leah, who was born with a defective heart, to leave a loving, living legacy. Continue reading