Strangers at first, "brothers" thanks to kidney donation


After six years of kidney troubles, Leo Lopez wasn't sure when a transplant would come his way. But at a men's religious retreat, Lopez's prayers were answered.

"When I made the decision to go, I shifted my prayers to the retreat and said, 'Look Lord, it would be really neat if you would lay upon somebody's heart to help me and give me a kidney,'" said Lopez.

He was invited to the Marked Men's Christian retreat in September after turning down an invitation to attend in prior years. This time around, Lopez said something felt "right."

Osceola native Terry Pavasco was also at the September retreat, and, like Lopez he's a Navy man with a strong faith in God.

"I knew what the weekend was going to be about, sort of, it was definitely a lot more than what I bargained for," Pavasco explained, "but I wanted to go in and I wanted to have a transformational experience. Continue reading