Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Strength and love: Woman donates kidney to friend’s child in need


Anna, Ben, & Samson Gamble (Photo: Anna Gamble)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - It's amazing the strength and love people find when faced with adversity.

One Huntsville family's life dramatically changed when their newborn son was diagnosed with a kidney disease.

23-month-old Samson Gamble has been a mighty fighter since day one.

His mother, Anna Gamble, told us, "It was a couple of days after he was born that we found out his kidney function was at 10%."

Shortly after his birth, Samson was diagnosed with Prune belly syndrome, a rare disease that affects his stomach and kidneys, among other things. For nearly two years, his parents, Anna and Ben Gamble, have been on a mission. That mission was, "Getting him to grow, to be big enough for a kidney transplant without having dialysis," as Anna Gamble put it. Continue reading.


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