Teen's long wait for organ donor

Time Live | Matthew Savides

The Organ Donor Foundation said Darshan's long wait for a new organ is not uncommon. File photo Image by: KEITH BEDFORD/REUTERS / REUTERS

By the time Darshan Haripersad turns 14 next month, he would have spent the best part of half his life waiting for new kidneys - and there seems to be no end in sight.

The Durban-based youngster has been on the waiting list for seven years. He was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome, which affects the functioning of the kidney and causes severe swelling.

Since June 2009 - the same month he was put on the waiting list - he has had between 12 and 15 hours of dialysis a month.

His mom Niroshani Haripersad said it was not just his kidneys that were taking strain.

"He is on a lot of medication; about 20 tablets a day. His growth has slowed down and he gets very tired. He had heart surgery when he was 11 because of a blockage caused by some complication when inserting the catheter."

But this was not the worst moment for Darshan - in 2010 he nearly did not make it. Continue reading