Valley transplant survivor urges people to be organ donors

WKOK 1070 | Ali Stevens

BEAVERTOWN – Four months ago, Beavertown resident Skip Kline had a lifesaving liver transplant. Kline was told he would die without the transplant and he says without a donor, he wouldn’t be here today.

Kline explained, “I was sitting at Geisinger and I was doing really bad. My kidneys were about shot and my liver was definitely over with. I’m sitting there thinking I’m waiting for somebody to die so that I can get their liver. But that’s not the right way to look at it. The right way to look at it is I’m waiting for somebody to live, in a couple of ways. Number one is I’m going to go on living, but so are they, because I’ve got this guy’s liver and this guy’s liver is still alive and he lives on through me. So, it’s a great legacy and I highly recommend to anyone that you consider organ donation.”

Kline talked about how many lives can be changed, “When somebody passes away and they allow their organs to be harvested, one person can save hundreds of lives. Now you say, hundreds of lives, really? Well, skin, lungs, kidneys, liver, heart…they can do transplants of just about anything.” Continue reading
You have the power to SAVE Lives
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