I Miss My Wife, But I Am Comforted Knowing Her Organs Saved 4 Lives

HUFFINGTON POST | Mark Liebenow 

April is Organ Donor Awareness Month, and April 15 is National Blue and Green Day for honoring those who have donated organs.

Most of us don’t like to think about death, or grief, or anything connected to them. We feel uneasy being in the same room with a dead body. And if that dead person is someone we loved, then we might not be able to look at the body at all.

As squeamish as it feels to some, and horrific to others, donating the organs of a loved one can be a sacred act, because we are giving life to people who have run out of options. Without the organs, they will die.

And we are the ones who decide which it will be.

Although donating the organs of a loved one may be the logical decision, it may not be the right decision for us. Emotionally we may not feel comfortable with it.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t know how we feel because we haven’t thought about this option, so when someone we love dies unexpectedly in an accident, and people come and ask if we want to donate, we don’t know. In that moment we are so overwhelmed by the blunt force trauma of death that we really don’t know what we think. We are probably in shock and find it hard to make any decision. But this is one decision that has to be made now because organs are delicate.

The decision to donate organs should be made ahead of time because then we have time to see how we feel about our choice, and can make changes if we want. And if the unexpected should happen, then we’re set, and our families don’t have to go through the anguish of deciding. They can simply follow our wishes. Continue reading
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