Rubin: Don’t be selfish with your pancreas, be a donor!


Most of us, it turns out, are willing to part with our internal organs. We just need to be asked.

Across five years, says Betsy Miner-Swartz of Gift of Life Michigan, the percentage of adults who’ve agreed to provide a post-mortem lung or liver has doubled.

A figure that once wallowed at a frustrating 27 percent has become an encouraging 55 percent. We’ve gone from barely a quarter of the state’s adults on the organ donor list to more than half.

“We’re making tremendous inroads,” Miner-Swartz says, and the biggest reason is a simple question the clerks started asking at Secretary of State branches:

“Would you like to be an organ donor?”

Um, sure. Why not?

Why not help someone see or breathe or improve on whatever it is a pancreas does? Why not show a little love and give your heart?

If you’re at the organ donation stage of life, you’re not actually at a stage of life anymore. You’ve reached the finish line that we’re all chugging toward, a day at a time. Continue reading 
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