How Britain's bravest little boy bounced back from the brink

DAILY MAIL | Antonia Hoyle

Time was running out for James to find the new heart he so desperately needed. Just look at him now!
James Lewis suffers with restrictive cardiomyopathy and had a heart transplant in November 2014
As Kate and David Lewis drove to hospital in July 2014, a heavy silence hung between them - filled with the tacit understanding that their four-year-old son James, sitting in the back seat, would only be coming home if he was given a heart transplant.

At the age of three, James had been diagnosed with an incurable heart condition. His only hope of survival was a new heart.

But after 11 months on the transplant waiting list, his little body was no longer strong enough to cope without constant medical supervision and he needed to be admitted to hospital.

Little did Kate and David know as they drove him to hospital that day that it would be another agonising four months' wait for a new heart.

At one point his heart stopped beating. He recovered, but the 15 months he'd spent waiting for a new heart left him with kidney failure (as a result of insufficient blood supply) and he's on dialysis until he can have a kidney transplant. His mother will be the donor this summer when James's condition has stabilised.

He eventually had his heart transplant in November 2014 and in April last year, after nine months in hospital, was finally allowed home. His road to recovery is not over, but his story is one of triumph in the face of immeasurable odds. Continue reading

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