In death, fallen officer saves lives

CNN NEWS | Kyung Lah

Grand Junction, Colorado (CNN)Alan Bronson looked at the image of Deputy Derek Geer on his television. The official Mesa County Sheriff's Department photo showed a deputy with broad shoulders, stocky frame and the hint of a smile. Bronson pulled himself up on the hospital bed, listening to the news anchor.

Deputy Derek Geer.

Age 40.

Shot multiple times.

On life support.

Devoted husband, father of two.

"Maybe he's the donor," said Bronson's wife, Kim Farrell. The weekslong wait for a heart wore on Farrell. The left ventricle of Bronson's heart was down to pumping at 5%. For weeks, machines had been keeping her 54-year-old husband alive.

Geer looked like he might be about Bronson's size, a key component for a successful donor match.

Bronson shook his head, as he heard the news anchor announce the deputy was married and had two children. He watched the footage of nearby Grand Junction, Colorado, residents beginning to grieve near the snowy street corner where the officer was gunned down.

Waiting on the transplant list, Bronson questioned himself daily. Is today the time to go? Am I deserving of an organ? Should somebody else get it instead of me? Continue reading

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