Me, My Best Friend And Organ Donation

ODYSSEY BETA | Anna Graziano

Growing up in a family of Undertakers, I received mixed signals and feelings on organ donation all of my life. To be honest, I never thought much about it. I saw the bodies come in and I watched my father put them in the ground. I never questioned what happened between the time they passed and the time they were placed six-feet under, but I was not too concerned either. Death had always been such a large part of my life. It was black and white. Simple. You lived, you passed, and people like my father took care of everything else.

My parents never spoke to me about being an organ donor. I think that, seeing what my father has, death was the last thing he wanted to speak with his children about. Sure, we heard stories about embalming and funeral arrangements and bizarre deaths, but talking about what would happen in the case of any of our own was never something that was brought up in my home.

Today, I only wish that someone had spoken to me about organ donation sooner. Continue reading
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