Organ Transplantation – A Life Saving Option


Today, in the age of 21st century, the risk for organ failure has emerged as a major cause of death. It is also known as an organ dysfunction – a situation when an essential system in the body stops working and it cannot be diagnosed without external clinical intervention. Worldwide, the most commonly transplanted organs are liver, kidney, heart, lung, intestine, thymus and pancreas.

The dysfunction of these organs can vary widely from a mild degree to completely irreversible failure after infection or injury. Possibly, the failure is occur within one organ or multiple organs due to various factors such as poisoning, serious trauma, loss of blood, drugs, acute illnesses and leukemia.

To recover the organ dysfunction lost, Organ Transplant is a life-saving option that has the potential to provide the recipient a wonderful new lease on life. It is surgical procedure in which doctors move a healthy organ from a one person (donor) and transplant it into another person in place of the recipient’s damaged organ. The donor of the organ can be living, brain dead, or dead via circulatory death.

Given below are the most common organ transplantations carried out worldwide:

1. Heart Transplant.   Continue reading

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