Selfless gift bonds friends forever

WSYX | ABC | Erin Carroll

LEWIS CENTER, OHIO — They would chat about their kids or jobs while on morning walks in their Lewis Center neighborhood. One day, they had a conversation that would change their lives and both of their families' lives.

"You do ask yourself, 'Why me?' but why anybody?" said Darlene Szuhay-Zigmont.

She has a genetic disorder called Polycystic kidney disease. It causes clusters of cysts to form on your kidneys. Darlene told her friend, Julie Border, she would likely need a kidney transplant. The wait for a kidney is about 2-5 years but Border didn't have to wait long before she knew what she wanted to do.

"I felt it from the very beginning that it could be me that I do, that yea, I could do that someday." said Border.

So, she went through the application process to be a living organ donor and went through rigorous health tests. She never told Darlene she was even thinking about it because she didn't want to give false hope until she knew it was a go. When Border found out she could give her friend a kidney, they shared a very emotional moment. Continue reading

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